Sunday, 9 May 2010


On Good Friday my daughter had arranged a prayer labyrinth in the church based on Celtic Christianity and one of the meditations used the imagery of the well. My thoughts went back to a recent time I spent in a psychiatric ward and how, despite everything, I was always aware of God being there with me. I didn't talk about my faith but, towards the end of my stay, one of the women on the ward told me that she used to dislike Christians but had changed her mind because she had met me.

Dark, it's so dark.
There doesn't seem to be any light.
But God is there.
Sharing the darkness.
Sharing with me.
And somebody saw you in me.

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sheila bridge said...

This is really helpful. Thanks. I am reading 'Shoot the Damn Dog' by Sally Brampton, not written from a Christian perpesctive but still (so far anyway) one of the most insightful books on the subject of depression, written by someone whose been there.