Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Best Laid Plans...2

OK - I was so sure God was with me working on my daughter's car and then this happens:

Not her, or her husband's, fault - someone swung the door of their BMW open right in front of them.

So what happens now? I spent a lot of money on it to get it running well as the thought was it would be passed on in the near future to my son. However insurance companies don't take account of how much work you've done on a car, the fact it has only done 43,000 miles or that it has sentimental value being the the last car my mother owned and are likely to right it off.

Does this mean I was wrong think God was guiding me when I was working on it? No. For some reason I'm sure I was doing the right thing spending money on this car. It's just not very clear why and what the outcome will be at the moment.

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