Thursday, 4 June 2009

2 Medical Mysteries

The first mystery is that I have been having trouble walking since before Christmas as my left leg wasn't working properly. It wouldn't move through its full range and was noticeably weaker than my right leg which meant I was walking with a limp all the time. I went to the doctor who sent me to a consultant who sent me for scans and tests.

On Monday I saw a doctor who tested the leg by sticking a probe to measure the electrical responses straight into the leg muscles. By the time I left my leg felt worse and wasn't always locking the knee when I walked so that I was in danger of falling over. This continued through most of Tuesday but by the evening the leg was feeling a lot better - in fact completely better! I now have full movement back in the leg and can walk properly again although it will take a while to get back to full speed. As far as I can tell the test has cured the problem which we thought was caused by a nerve trapping in my back! I wonder what the scans of my back will show.

The second mystery is this, as well as the leg problem the doctor was also testing my left hand to see why the little and ring fingers on my left hand were numb - something that is making playing the guitar hard work. Apparently I have cubital tunnel syndrome with the nerve trapping in the elbow. However according to an article on the Daily Telegraph website this is caused by using a mobile phone too much - something my family will tell you I am in no danger of doing! Read the article here:

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