Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Father's Day Update

Father's Day went much better than I feared it might have done. To start with I was exhausted after spending Saturday sorting the front garden (missing the Lion's match in the process) so it now looks like the arty picture (I had to rotate it to get it to look anything like it does in real life.)

My son had posted me a card a book of father jokes (My Dad only hit me once but it was with a Volvo - and many more like that) and after church we went to have lunch with my daughter who is flat sitting for some friends from church. Home made burgers and chips with salad - delicious. She also gave me a photo of her on my shoulders when she was very small (and my hair and beard weren't white) mounted between 2 blocks of perspex - it is now on my desk at work.

I was also kept busy playing guitar at church morning and evening. The morning was fairly easy going with just 2 songs for me to play. I wasn't on the rota for the evening but got called in when one guitarist had hives on his hands and the other fell off her horse.

All in all I didn't have to much time to think which, on this occasion, was good.

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