Monday, 29 June 2009

A Special Day Spoilt

On Saturday (27 June) we went up to Cambridge to see my son graduate. After a lunch at his college (Homerton) we piled into a taxi up to the centre of Cambridge for the graduation ceremony in Senate House. Cambridge, being 800 years old, does this in a very traditional way - in Latin! I didn't understand a word but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards we all met on the lawn outside with the chance to take photos and have then taken. It was when my wife suggested we pay for a photo of all the family that I discovered my wallet had gone so, after some frantic searching, we spent the next hour on the phone cancelling cards! We subsequently heard that some people had been warned about pickpockets targeting the graduation ceremonies - shame we weren't warned.

The only plus point was when my daughter went to the King's College plodge (Cam speak for porters' lodge) to see it had been handed in there and was addressed as "Ma'am". As she graduated 3 years ago she was wearing her graduates gown and so had been recognised as a member of the university.

Luckily I didn't have the debit card for my wife's account with me so we were still able to go out for an evening dinner.

I am meant to be picking up a new guitar on Wednesday but at the moment I don't have a way of paying for it!!! Hopefully the replacement cards will arrive soon but it is so annoying having money in my account and not being able to get to it.

Anyway no-one was hurt and we cancelled the cards in time so I only lost the cash from my wallet.

To finish on a high note (I never do - I'm a bass) here are a couple of pictures any parent would be proud of:

Update:- The nice people in the guitar shop took a cheque without a guarantee card so I have my new shiny red electric guitar - my first ever electric guitar. However due to the cut thumb (see below) I'm unable to play it at the moment.

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