Friday, 29 May 2009

Family see Jesus image in Marmite

A family claim to have seen Jesus on the inside of the lid to their Marmite jar; full story here:

While this seems to me to be just another case of the human brain looking for patterns where none exist it did make me stop and think. If God is omnipresent he is as present in a Marmite jar as in church or in our hearts. He may not be the magic genie who is going to grant us 3 wishes but more importantly he is with us at all times.

So next time you open a jar just remember how close to God you are - even if you can't see His picture in the lid.


Julie said...

gald you are using inclusive language for God 'she He' !

Still Breathing said...

Spelling of last sentence now corrected. That's the problem with spellcheckers - if your mistake forms another word it thinks it's OK even if it now doesn't make sense.