Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Early Morning Text

I turned my mobile on this morning and just as I put it in my pocket a text arrived from my son (the rest of the family got it late last night) saying:

The main thing the Atonement does to benefit us is to give us access to a divine love on whose power we must rely in order to become better persons (Philip L. Quinn, Abelard on Atonement)

which was a bit heavy going for 6:45am!

However I spent the tram journey to work thinking about it and came up wit the following points:

We can't make ourselves into the person God wants us to be - we must let Him do it.
Atonement gives us access to the very nature of the Trinitarian God - Love.
For a fuller quotation and an original view on 19th centaury thinkers see my son's blog at:

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