Friday, 25 March 2011


Some of my Christian friends have recently been suffering because of actions taken by other Christians.  Recently this has got a bit closer to home and this led me to write the following poem.


It hurts.
Not physically
But my body feels empty;

Why do people behave like this?
Why do Christians behave like this?

You are a God of love,
And justice.
But they deny justice.
Working behind closed doors
Hearing one side,
Finding guilty without a hearing.

We are meant to show the world your love
Your justice.
But it is denied
In the church that bears your name.

It hurts.
But you share our hurt.
You were denied a fair trial,
You were condemned for no crime,
You, the one without sin, found guilty.

Yet you willingly bore the pain
The rejection
The injustice.
You bore it for us.

Help us to bear our hurt
And not look for revenge.
Help us, like you, to love;
Love even those who hurt us.


Martyn - Being Free said...

Love this. Thank you.

Still Breathing said...

Martyn, I'm gald you found it helpful.

Sally said...

Help us, like you, to love;
Love even those who hurt us.