Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Year Update

For me this year finally got under way on the 28th February.  No, I'm not on some weird calender but that was the first day this year I had enough energy to get on with anything.  Up until then I had been struggling to find enough energy to be retired!  I was sleeping most mornings and cleaning the house on a Friday meant that Saturday was a washout as I had no energy left.  Given that I hadn't felt like this at the end of last year my suspicion is that I picked up some form of viral infection which left me run down but not ill.

My problem now is that I mustn't overdo it but I am back doing a few exercises and I'm trying to make sure I walk at least a mile each day.  Today I went for a 2 mile walk and I feel a bit achy but at least I was able to walk that far again.

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sattler said...

I enjoyed the blog and hope you're enjoying the great outdoors again now. We're involved in the development of a 'walking church' at the moment. I think I would be climbing the walls in no time if I didn't have our Epping forest 'cathedral'. Shalom, phil