Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Progress is being made on the bathroom but this meant that while we had a new boiler and tank yesterday they weren't actually connected. This meant no heating and no hot water. My daughter has, sensibly, taken herself of the the flat she and her fiance own and my wife headed over there for a shower yesterday evening. This morning I had to boil a kettle of water, pour it into a jug and carry it upstairs to have a wash - I know this would have been common a hundred or so years ago but even I don't ever remember doing that.

With no heating I am feeling rather cold - particularly my feet!

There is now water in the tank so I hope by the end of today we will have the immersion heater wired in at the very least so we can have hot water even if no heating. Anyway this is what it looked like last night:

New boiler and hot water cylinder in position but not plumbed in or wired up.

Hole that used to contain the cold water tank - should be useful storage in the future.

Where the toilet, handbasin and bath will go - notice the door on the left!

Impressive bit of plumbing waiting to do something.

UPDATE - They have just discovered that the brand new hot water cylinder is faulty so we are unlikely to get hot water tonight. The workmen are not happy (to put it mildly) as they have been trying so hard to get it working today.

UPDATE 2 - No hot water but they have worked like mad to get the central heating working. All I have to do is work out how to programme the controller.

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