Friday, 26 February 2010


I am currently meant to be making sure I don't get stressed; this is not working.

The first reason is very simple - my daughter gets married in less than 2 months. Now this, in itself, isn't stressing me at all but it is the female half of the house and this does seem to have a knock on effect.

The second reason is that with the house rapidly turning into a pressure cooker it seemed the obvious time to have the boiler changed and the bathroom re-fitted. The bathroom currently looks like this:

They tell us the work will only take 2 weeks but given that this is the end of week 1 I'm beginning to worry. The real problem is that I have to be around while the work is going on so I can't go out or go back to bed if I need more sleep.

With any (a lot?) of luck in a weeks time I will be posting a picture of our lovely new bathroom but until then...

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Anonymous said...

I'm over here trying to reduce the stress levels! *kiss* Did I tell you we finally put together our flatpack bathroom cabinet yesterday evening?