Thursday, 18 February 2010

Picture Of Happiness

This is a picture of happiness:

It may not look like it to you but it is to me.

Some years ago a was given a ukulele for Fathers Day but have hardly been able to play it for one simple reason - it was nearly impossible to tune. It has straight pegs for tuners and the smallest possible about of angular motion seems to be enough to change the pitch by a semitone (slight exaggeration but you get the idea.) Mid December I ordered a set of machine heads on-line and they never turned up. The seller eventually agreed to refund the money as he wouldn't send another set in case there was a problem getting post to me - odd since they had posted things to me before.

Eventually I found another supplier and this morning the machine heads, a new set of strings and 2 felt ukulele plectra (the ci=orrect plural of plectrum) arrived in the post :)

Now, at last, I may finally get round to playing the ukulele.

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