Monday, 13 April 2009

Low Saturday

I always find the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday a difficult day as if everything is in suspense; the mood of loss from Good Friday carries on and the joy of resurrection has yet to arrive. As a result I tend to have a quiet day but this year I took it to a new low by wiping out my car and damaging 2 others while parking just over the road. My foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator while backing with the door open (to check I was somewhere in the region of the kerb)and the car shot back, bent the door (and wing) round the tree, hit the next car causing a lot of damage and it, in turn hit the third car. All my fault and because my beautiful car is 10 years old it is very unlikely to be repaired.

Only the plus side no one was hurt (although I ache a lot and am having trouble sleeping) and the lady whose car was wrecked commented about how good the Friday Walk of Witness had been - she is a member of another local church.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and, guess what, it didn't feel as joyous as usual. Having slept badly I went back to bed while the rest of the family went to the 8am communion and breakfast at church. I did make the 10:30 and 6:30 services but it felt like going through the motions.

So please excuse me for not posting "HALLELUJAH - HE IS RISEN" as this year I am still in Low Saturday trying to work out things like where I will find the money for a new car, deciding what size car, how will I move stuff out of my Dad's place (if we have finally sold it) in my wife's (small) car, how to get my son's stuff to / from university etc etc

It is all to easy to get so caught up in the joy of Easter Sunday that we can forget that for some just raising a smile that day may be difficult due to realtionship breakdown, depression, physical illness etc (or even a car crash). This does not mean they are spiritually defective but that the rich flow of life has left them in Low Saturday; ressurection joy will come but not just yet.

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Kathryn said...

Ouch - S mentioned this & it is miserable for you. Hope that things resolve rapidly & affordably.
I currently have car I cant drive due to broken arm - would gladly lend it to get L back to Cambs but Gloucestershire sadly distant from Bromley.
Oh - & there are 50 days of Easter, so there is yet time for a bit of joy to catch up with you