Tuesday, 7 April 2009


This is my very first time at blogging so I thought I'd better explain why I'm bothering. As an evangelical Christian I get fed up, annoyed and exasperated by the number of evangelicals who don't bring their intelligence to bear on their faith; my pet phrase is "Don't leave your brain at the door when you come into church" - hence the title of this blog. As well as putting forward information I have found useful you will also find me raging against the misuse of Christianity.

The other subjects likely to come up are music (I chord bash on the guitar and sing in a choir), sport (I was never any good but I enjoy watching - particularly my son playing rugby), disability (I'm a dyslexic with knackered lungs), my family (wife and 2 adult children at home) and fun (God gave us a sense of humour so I expect he intends us to use it.)

Will anyone read it? I don't know, particularly as I'm not telling my family to start with!
Will it make any difference? I hope so, if just one person reads this and realises that they are not a useless heretic for not just accepting everything they are told in church it will have been worthwhile.

Finally thanks to Stephy (if you find this) for, correctly, blocking Anonymous posts and forcing me to finally get my own ideas on-line.

God bless


stephy said...

I hope I haven't really shamed you into blogging, like you said - you don't leave anonymous posts, you sign your name! :) I really like what you're onto here and I hope you find it cathartic and rewarding...yay.

Julie Aylward said...

if you think you can keep this quiet from your family you are sadly mistaken! (your daughter and sister-in-law have now found it!) Have fun!