Monday, 15 October 2012

Suffering 2

For a while I have been completely without an idea to write a poem (prayer/mediation may be more accurate) so when an idea popped into my head at the weekend I was pleased until I realised that I had already written that poem and even blogged it! (

However after a while I realised I had moved on and although the initial idea was the same there was more to say.  In this I have started with my complaint to God but moved on to the things I have learnt over the last year - I'm not saying God "spoke these words" to me but this is what I now understand; next year it could be different again.


Why does it still hurt?
Over a year has past,
Life has gone on,
Things have got better.
So why does it still hurt?

Time has taken the edge,
Dulled the blow
That Breaks the heart.
So why does it still hurt?

Why, below the ebb and flow of life
Does pain still lurk?
Waiting to catch you off guard?
A photo
A person
A memory
That opens the depths
And lets the pain flood out.

With the Psalmist I cry
“How Long.”
How long must I carry this pain?
How often must I fight my anger?
How long will I wait to find peace?

“My child, You will carry this pain
Until the world finds peace.
Not an absence of war
But a peace between all people.
My Peace
That passes understanding.
Until that great and glorious day
You will carry that pain.
And it will give you wisdom.
Wisdom not to hurt others.
Wisdom to protect others from pain.
Wisdom to stand with the hurt and downtrodden.

Do not despair
For you are not on your own.
I have already carried your pain
And hung it on a cross
So that I can be with you
Each painful step of the way.”

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Sally said...

thank you for being brave enough to post this