Friday, 28 January 2011


As an apprentice house husband I spent this afternoon cleaning the house and made an odd discovery; the only mirror that had remained clean was in what used to be my daughter's bedroom before she got married. That set me thinking, do mirrors only get dirty when we look in them?

At first that seemed to be a silly question but then I thought it a bit more, is it the way we look at the world that makes it seem evil - do we look for the bad in people and not the good? When God created he looked at it and saw that it was good; not perfect but good. Is that the way we should look at creation? Is that the way we should look at each other?

P.S. In case you wondered about my being "an apprentice house husband" - I have mastered cleaning and cooking but not washing and ironing.

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verlindahenning said...

Yes, I do think that's the way we should look at the world and each other, but it takes a lot more effort to do that, especially when you're frustrated or having a bad day.

I try to practice this, but I have a long way to go.

Thanks for the reminder.