Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I have a very comfortable pair of Karrimor walking shoes which I wear to and from work which are showing their age. The uppers are fine and they are still very comfortable but I have worn out the sole and heel. There is a firm that can re-build them with a new sole but this will cost £52.50 while I can buy another pair of Karrimor walking shoes for £30 at Amazon.

At first glance the obvious thing to do is ditch the old shoes and buy the new ones on-line. However I can't be sure that the new ones, which are less than half price, are as good a quality as the old ones.

My main dilemma is about waste. Why should I through away a perfectly repairable pair of shoes? While it may make sense in terms of cash in terms of use of the worlds resources it is a much hirer cost.

Does anyone have any views on what I should do? More importantly what would you do?

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