Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Miracle?

Do you ever look back at something and think "Gosh, that was convenient" when something suddenly goes right? That happened to me this week when my knee suddenly got better for just one day.

That's jumping in at the end of the story so I'll go back and start at the beginning.  A little trouble with my back left me in a lot of pain by trapping the sciatic nerve and making it difficult for me to walk properly.  A few exercises sorted my back out but not walking properly seems to have damaged my knee making it painful to walk; this started on Tuesday and was worse on Wednesday.  On Thursday my daughter, who had a lot of pain in side for a couple of days, had to be taken to hospital to make sure it wasn't appendicitis (it wasn't thankfully) and as her husband was at work I had to drive her there, pick her husband up from the station and drive him back when it was decided she was staying in over night.  Anyone who knows Farnborough Hospital - I mean the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRU) - knows that parking in the hospital car park is a nightmare and as a result I had to park a little way away from the hospital.

The odd thing is that my knee was fine all day so I was able to walk freely back and forward to the car and it only started hurting again when I got home in the evening.  Yesterday, Friday, my knee was hurting again.

Now I know that there may well be some medical explanation for what happened but it happened at exactly the right time so was it a miracle?  A minister friend of mine refers to things like this as "Godincidences"; when the coincidence seems too good to be true.

Was it a miracle? I don't know but I thank God that it happened.

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