Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

Today Amy Winehouse died at the tragically young age of 27.  A rare talent that never got near to fulfilling the potential that she showed when she burst onto the music scene; another member of the 27 Club.

As one who has had to face up to an alcohol problem, admittedly not as bad as her apparent drug problems, she has my sympathy. You continue doing something even though you know it is bad for you and bad for those around you because...? You don't know why. But it has a hold on you that you can only break when you admit you have a problem; not just say you have a problem but be honest with the inner most core of your being that you have a problem. At that point you have a chance of breaking the grip and being free again.  It is no good others telling you that you have a problem because the thing that grips you stops that message getting to your core; stops you admitting it to yourself.

I was lucky as I had a breakdown and ended up on medication that meant I had to stop drinking but even then it took me a year to get to the point where I could honestly face up to what I was doing to myself and those around me. I was able to make that step but tragically Amy Winehouse either didn't or couldn't.  So tonight I hold her in prayer before a loving God, praying that in His love He will take and hold this broken child of His creation giving her the love and peace that evaded her in this world.

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Anonymous said...

This is suck sad news about Amy, some people may have expected it however when it actually happens it still comes as a massive shock, Amy was so very much loved by the nation and my heart is braking just typing this message. Lets not forget when someone dies it is the loved ones left behind who suffer so I would like to send a message of condolences to her Mum and Dad.
RIP Amy may you now find peace. God bless you, love Dawn.xxxx