Friday, 17 June 2011

The Problem with Drink 2

So no sooner have posted about my personal issues with alcohol than it hits the headlines again.

First up was this: FA Cup to be sponsored by Budweiser beer .  We already had the Carling Cup (League Cup) and now the main football cup competition will also be sponsored by beer.  Now that tobacco is no longer allowed to sponsor sports events it looks as if alcohol has moved in to fill gap.  Nothing wrong with that in itself but when drinking has become a major social issue is it good for the country to have alcohol, which can harm us, linked to sport, which should be good for us?

Then this morning one of the first things I heard on the news was this Parents' behaviour 'can influence teen drinking'  Now if I hadn't already posted about this after talking to my children I would, correctly, have felt incredibly guilty.  The terrible thing is that if I had still been drinking I would have forced this information through some sort of filter in my mind to say that it didn't apply to me. But it did and all I can do is to say here publically that I am sorry that my drinking has had a bad effect on my children.

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