Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Ozone Layer

Did anyone else notice this article?

When I read it my I immediately thought "Of course" but that's because I'm old.  What I mean is I have noticed in my lifetime that it has become easier to get sunburnt! I know that I burn very easily but it even allowing for that it does seem to me that it takes less time for anyone to burn and we all have to use a lot more sunscreen (or as it used to be called "sun tan lotion") these days.  If the damage to the ozone layer is in the northern hemisphere as well as in the south this would go some way to explaining what I've noticed.

I must go as I have to find my sunhat before I carry our winter duvet to the launderette to be cleaned.


Jim the Baptist said...

And I always thought that the fact that I turn brown more easily these days was due to rust?!

Jim the Baptist said...
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