Thursday, 10 September 2009

Chest Infection

I have a chest infection. A few years ago this wouldn't be news as I was having 8 or more a year but since the NHS diagnosed bronchiectasis, something 10 years of a private health scheme had failed to pick up (any from the USA please take note), I have been doing much better. However from the day we got back from our holiday my chest has been tight and my peak flow slowly dropping.

A doctor had checked my chest when I went to have the dressing on a cut in my leg changed but couldn't hear anything wrong but when I went back on Tuesday there was clear evidence of an infection in my right lung. It isn't bad but this is how my last 2 infections started and they became worse within a week so this time we are using oral steroids from day 1 in an attempt to sort it out before it gets worse. I'll let you know if it works!

The next instalment on the Bible is nearly ready. It's a longer piece than I originally envisaged so I'm looking for some pictures to break it up.

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