Sunday, 12 July 2009

Is it OK to worry?

I have been thinking about whether it is OK for a christian to worry about something and whether this is compatible with trusting God to look after us.

What triggered this was having yet another review at work about my sick record when I have had a very clear assurance the God is looking after this aspect of my life. And yet I was worried and stressed and thought I shouldn't be. Then I thought about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when he prayed that, if possible, he wouldn't have to go through the passion. Was he both trusting the Father and fearful at the same time?

Any comments?


stephy said...

Hugh, thanks for your comments at my blog. I really appreciate your empathy and support!! It truly means a lot.

I'm just now seeing your worry post, but I have always wondered about this. Lately I feel as if worry is innately human, and that we shouldn't stuff it and ignore it and try to 'power through' it but realize it and talk to God about it, like in Phillipians 4. I sometimes tell God that I know it says I shouldn't worry but I can't do that on my own and to PLEASE HELP. haha. It really is an urgent matter when you're in the midst of worrying, and a helpless feeling to ask for help with it. I guess that's where faith comes in. I don't know if I'm making any sense but you probably get the gist.

Still Breathing said...

Thanks for the comment Stephy - I was beginning to wonder if anyone was reading this.

I'm beginning to think that it is possible to be worry free about the outcome of something but stressed about going through it. So Jesus is confident about his resurrection and all that means but still worried about the arrest, flogging and crucifixion. Does that make sense?

stephy said...

That makes sense to me. I am learning in therapy that it's okay to have all the ugly emotions that aren't typically considered "Christian." That anger and sadness are completely valid and part of being a whole person. I think anxiety fits in there too. There are a lot of things the Bible says about anxiety and anger and sadness and other emotions, and yet it also doesn't say as much as I'd like in the sense that I'd rather know what is "right" and "wrong." But then that would take away the beauty of individuality and journey so I think God was purposeful in not laying things out for us; he wants us to truly live and be free and part of that means ugliness in order that there can be more beauty. Does that make sense? I know you've read me talking about this sort of thing on my blog a bit so you might be following me but I wonder sometimes if people do. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad :) I think you've hit the nail on the head with, "I'm beginning to think that it is possible to be worry free about the outcome of something but stressed about going through it." Isn't that an almost perfect description of childbirth?